Qualily harvests first lilies at new location in Kwintsheul

Last weekend Qualily harvested its first lilies at the new location on the Heulweg in Kwintsheul. With the acquisition of Chrysanthemum Nursery R. & A. van Kester moves Qualily is the next step in its growth strategy. The company centralizes the cultivation of all odorless lilies from three different locations within one state-of-the-art nursery of no less than 4.5HA. By joining forces at one location, the company is able to grow more efficiently and sustainably and deliver even faster. Qualily took over the nursery as of 1-1-2022 as part of their growth strategy.

“It is important for the continuity of our company to grow with the market. We want to remain part of the top segment, that’s why it’s important to stay innovate and professionalise,”

according to board members Ruud van der Hoeven and Raymond pond mountain. Under the motto ‘together you go further’, the second generation of the Chrysanthemum Nursery R. & A. van Kester involved in the management. Bart van Kester will participate as co-owner of the new location. He won’t focus in the coming time
not only on mastering the cultivation but also on cultivating its Qualily DNA.

High quality thanks to innovative technology

The new modern greenhouse offers many possibilities for further optimizing the cultivation. The management proudly says:

“Due to the stable climate we can achieve uniform forests cultivars that, thanks to the high degree of exposure, contain heavier branches and large buds. The fresh soil also benefits the quality of our LAs.”

Faster delivery through efficient working

The size of the location will not only mean a lot in terms of quality, but also in the field of working more efficiently. With one central location for all odorless lilies

Efficiency is also being made in the areas of labour, machines, distribution and energy. In this way, the customer can be provided even faster with a sustainable product from top quality.

“The next step is to automate almost all processes,”

says Ruud van der Hoeven.

“With the arrival of a second planting robot and the purchase of a new central bunching machine followed by a sleeve robot, we want uniform quality guarantee. By collecting the flowers on bucket lanes for order picking, we
working more efficiently.”

Qualily meets all current requirements as a supplier. See our MPS GAP certificate here!